The confined photo marathon

Photo : Lucas Kozak

In family or alone, isolated at home...
Photographie mon amour offers you a photographic marathon with a special topic: confinement.

What's a photo marathon ?

Open to anyone, this experience offers the possibility to train his own imagination and creativity
in a definite time and theme. 
At the end of the race a jury discovers the productions in an anonymous way and is going to vote
following some criterias to choose the most successful photographies.

For who ?

Amators, passionates, beginners,
anyone who wants to spend a good time during the time of the race are welcome.

Gear ?

We invite all photographers.

All material that produces photography is accepted. The support/material used to produce the photographies won’t altered the judgement, only the photographies will be judged.

Where and when ?

You have to participate from your confinement zone.
The race is open till sunday 22 march 2020.

How ?

Fill up the participation formular

and we will send you all the informations.

With who ?

I want to know more

You can download the rules of the marathon.

I don't get anything

I am in